Sweeping Out Debris From The Cortical Folds

I’m inspired to open this website for three, maybe four reasons. First, I created a website several years ago as a memorial to my deceased wife, Leslie. I updated it fairly regularly at first, but have not tended to so as much lately. My last two posts have really been about me more than about my memories of Leslie, and that is not in keeping with my intentions for the website. So, a separate site is better suited for posting many things that are on my mind these days. And speaking of things on my my mind, lately I’ve found myself posting condescending replies to others’ posts and comments on Facebook with which I take issue. I don’t think that’s a good forum for meaningful political debate. Those who disagree with me have probably already “unfriended” me, and those who aren’t my friends but who read my posts that are contrary to their views probably just think I’m a jerk. This is a better place to express myself. Third, yesterday I read a piece written my someone whom I have come to regard quite highly about her father and her memories of his teaching her how to float on her back. It was quite literal and full of touching memories, but also a beautiful metaphor, as you can imagine. How do we learn not to sink, after all, when all the elements around us are trying to submerge and drown us? Anyway, reading her piece brought back lots of memories of my own father, many of which are associated with water and swimming. I wanted to write a piece of my own to capture in much less poetic words than she did my own water-immersed memories of my father. Finally, I received my second COVID-19 vaccine four days ago and I’m ready to begin a new phase of my life. Starting a blog might be one element of that phase.